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Algol ERP software solutions can help education organisations focus on what matters most: learning.


For all your needs, we make it easy to build and manage your enterprise resource planning.


Monitoring productivity, managing workload, and ensuring efficient time allocation for teachers, students, and staff with ERP solution!

Eye View

24*7 information access to all the information to your student and staff with in-depth analysis.

App Personalization

The App provides a centralised platform where all relevant data is stored, eliminating the need to search through multiple systems or files.


Schools can streamline operations, optimise resources, enhance communication, and leverage data insights to improve overall school performance and student outcomes.

Staff Reports

Providing comprehensive staff reports, analytics, and insights into various school/university enterprise aspects for better management.

Student Reports

The ERP system gives students a centralized platform to access various academic and administrative resources.

Trusted by 25,000+ Students and Staff Members

Our system provides significant value to a College or University by improving operational efficiency, data management, communication, financial management, and transparency.

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Ignite a seamless connection between students, teachers, and staff.

Our cutting-edge ERP solution revolutionises the realm of college and university administration, breathing life into communication and amplifying the essence of student learning.

How ERP Makes Learning Easier


Our intuitive tools and streamlined processes sweep away the barriers that hinder progress, liberating educators to dedicate their energy to nurturing brilliance.


ERP systems provide a centralised platform where all relevant data is stored, This saves time by enabling quick and easy access to information.


From dynamic communication channels to intuitive dashboards, our system connects the productivity and progress of teachers, students, and staff.

Future of Education - Where Connectivity and Communication Reign

Immerse yourself in a digital ecosystem where students thrive, teachers inspire, and staff excel.